Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Gears of War: Judgment Information Blowout Broadcast

Written by Austin Griffith

More Gears of War: Judgment information!? How can it be!? Apparently so. Microsoft has announced  that this Sunday, March 5th you’ll be able to see the unveiling of two never before seen game modes revealed in Epic fashion… get it?

This Sunday you’ll be able to see the unveiling of the new Aftermath and Survival game modes in a live stream with everyone’s favorite Hyrbavore, Larry Hyrb, in an event that will allow fans to vote live during the show for what gameplay they want to see next as well as have questions answered in a live interactive interview over twitter. Major Nelson will have Epic Games’ own Chris Wynn and Alan Van Slyke on hand to answer questions.

Want to get in on the action? Simply follow @Xbox on Twitter and tweet your questions with the hashtag #GearsJudgment. Did I mention they’ll be giving away copies of the game as well as a limited edition Judgment console? Pretty sweet if I say so myself. I’ve included a gallery of the console below.

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