10 Games That Excite Me About 2013

Written by James Pope

#10- Dead Space 3- Visceral Games

Who wouldn’t be excited about teaming up with a friend to take out hoards of aliens who want nothing more than to see you dead? Bringing a more casual feel to the critically acclaimed sci-fi horror series players will be able to team up with a friend for the first time and play through the entire story cooperatively.

Release: 2-5-13

Known DLC: 2 pre-order DLC packs have been announced; First Contact & Witness the Truth 

#9- Splinter Cell: Blacklist- Ubisoft

Playing as Sam Fisher is always a welcome sight for me, and with the gameplay trailers and details that we have seen released thus far it looks like we are in for even more sneaking and killing. With the Splinter Cell series you know that you will be immersed in one of the top-notch stealth games the industry has to offer and because of that Blacklist is high on my radar.

Release: Spring 2013

No DLC announced yet

 #8- Tomb Raider- Crystal Dynamics

When I 1st saw the E3 trailer for the new Tomb Raider game that is being put together by Crystal Dynamics my jaw hit the floor. The new look Lara Croft was perfect and the fast action gameplay looked more intense than anything that we have seen from the series. The more that I see of this game the more I believe it is the title that can bring me back into a series that I left a long time ago.

Release: 3/5/13

Un-named DLC- Will be available 1st on Xbox 360

#7- God of War: Ascension- Sony Santa Monica

It was news that shook the gaming world to its core, when it was announced that a new God of War game was being developed for the PS3 social media exploded and fans began to speculate. The flow of information that ensued we found out that this prequel would bring us something that we have never seen in the series before… multiplayer! With a fully fledged GOW single player story and the chance to team up with friends to see who can unleash the greatest fury this is sure to be an easy game of the year candidate.

Release: 3/12/13

King Leonidas MP Costume pre-order DLC

#6- Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time- Sanzaru Games

Sly Cooper has long been one of my favorite platforming titles and to see that it is getting a next-gen sequel is something that makes me incredibly happy and excited for the new year. The entire team is back and this time will have to travel through time to once again prove that they are the best group of thieves that the world has to offer.

Release: 2/5/13

No DLC announced Yet

#5- Grand Theft Auto V- Rockstar North

It seems that every few years when there is a quiet moment in gaming Rockstar North comes out of no where and announced that they are putting the finishing touches on a new GTA game. 2012 was no different as we saw the news of the already hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 was announced. Bringing a new spin to the series it was revealed for the 1st time we will be controlling three different characters and will have the ability to switch between them at any time. As someone who thought that the GTA series was starting to become a little bit stale I am sure glad to see the team taking a new approach to one of the biggest names in gaming.

Release: Spring 2013

No DLC announced yet

#4- Star Wars 1313- Lucas Arts

Ever since Knights of the Old Republic I have been yearning for an awesome Star Wars game that could take me deep into the universe that I always saw as the perfect backdrop for gaming. Seeing the creative take the team at Lucas was taking was extremely exciting however my expectations were tempered slightly when it was announces that Disney had acquired the rights to the Star Wars franchise. While Disney is indicating that there will be no interference with the development of the game it always has to be concerning when a developer changes parent companies mid-stream.

Release: TBA

No DLC Announced Yet

 #3- Beyond: Two Souls- Quantic Dream

Being that this is the 1st title being developed by the team at Quantic Dream since Heavy Rain was released it would be a monumental understatement to say that the pressure is on the team to deliver. The way this team promotes its games is something of genius, they release a tech demo just to show off exactly what kind of visuals they’re capable of creating and then they hit the world with an action packed emotional trailer during E3. Even with no they were able to create a lot of buzz and stir up most of the gaming world and those kinds of expectations are not easy to live up to.

Release: 2013

No DLC Announced

#2-Army of Two: The Devils Cartel- Visceral Games

 When I 1st played Army of Two it was with an old roommate of mine and I cannot tell you how much fun we had running through the story campaign together. The hilarious one-liners, the over the top customization of our weapons and gear and the fact that we were able to pull heat away from one another and that it was something that was tracked by the game made it one of the more enjoyable gaming experiences I have had. Now that the game is back for its 3rd installment and it has been announced that the game will be developed using the Frostbite 2 engine this game has easily leaped into the forefront of my gaming consciousness.

March 2013

No announced DLC

#1- The Last of Us- Naughty Dog

Like most of the gaming world Naughty Dog had my full attention as I watched in awe when they showed off the gameplay for The Last of Us at this years E3. As I watched I remembered thinking to myself that this was a much more rugged and brutal version of the things that we had seen throughout the Uncharted series and that thought excited me more than anything. Being that this team has shown their ability to deliver time and time again over the years I think it is easy to say that The Last of Us is the #1 game that excites me about 2013.

Release: 5/7/13

No announced DLC



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