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With Sea of Thieves, Rare is fulfilling a promise that Bungie couldn’t // E3 2015

Written by Austin Griffith

Rare has just announced their first non-Kinect sports title in quite some time – and it’s a beauty. What’s being touted as an open-world, shared space, furst person pirate adventure looks to be just that. The trailer we saw showed us live gameplay of the playable character interacting with friends, manning their very own pirate ship, exploring islands, and making other pirates walk the plank.

This is a game I’ve always wanted.

This is what I wanted from Destiny.

You see, it’s not that I wanted to be a pirate in Destiny. That’s not what I’m saying. I wanted a shared space. Destiny was being touted as an open world, shared space adventure. There were concepts of customizing your very own spaceship, and meeting up with new friends. Bungie did something that can put any developer in a load of hot water: they dreamt out loud. They promised more than they ever could of hoped to of realistically create, and they got us as a fan base excited for something that was never even planned to put to paper. They got us excited for what Sea of Thieves is now giving us.

I want to explore places, encounter foes, and have a friend jump in at a moments notice to save me. I want to man my own vessel, explore the seven seas, and come back with riches. Most of all, I want to truly share the open world with others. I don’t want to be limited to seeing two other people at once, max. I want four, five, six people to run with me and be my gang of thieves.

Sea of Thieves holds a lot of promise. A promise this big isn’t going to be easy to fulfill. Judging by the gameplay we saw today, though, Rare and Microsoft have the power to do it.

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