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Ubisoft gives us our first look at Far Cry 4

Written by Austin Griffith

You’re traveling on a beat up bus through the Himalayas, a wise old man across from you asks to see your passport. You pass it over to him, the monkey next to you grabbing at it. Suddenly, your bus is stopping. Gunshots are ringing out. Explosions. “What’s going on!?” you yell as an explosion knocks over the bus. Before you know it a crazy man with white crazy hair is grabbing you, telling you he’s been waiting for you. He’s killed everyone you were with. “Don’t worry my friend, you and I are going to tear shit up!” he yells.

This is our first, and thus far only, look we’ve had at the highly anticipated Far Cry 4. This man is your antagonist.

What Ubisoft showed us was, apparently, the first five minutes of Far Cry 4, and over the coming weeks we’re told we’ll be seeing even more.

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