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Liveblog: Ubisoft’s E3 2013 Press Conference

Here we go with the Ubisoft E3 2013 Liveblog!

602 Alice in Chains has taken the stage.

603 Looks like he’s showing off Rocksmith using Kinect for the Xbox One.

604 Rocksmith Jam Session 2014 is now announced.

608 Splinter Cell: Blacklist is next up. “The biggest splinter cell ever.”

609 “Take your troops out now, or every week, we will attack you” starts the trailer off.

610 As nice as it is to see this trailer, they seem to be showing all prerendered things.

613 Rayman Legends is being shown, which isn’t very exciting considering we already know everything about it and this trailer is all prerendered.

615 Now we’ll be seeing some gameplay. Nothing to extraordinary, just some new competitive multiplayer modes like soccer and infinite running.

617 Finally a new IP! Something about the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. “It’s all about stealing from your neighbor and building up your pile of loot.” This game is free to play and is all about fighting and stealing from your friends.

619 TheMightyQuest is now in beta, head over to Themightyquest.com to sign up!

622 Now onto South Park and the Stick of Truth, finnally! “Im gonna teach you a fart called the nagasake”

624 Ubisofts president is showing off a racing game of some sort, looks like a lot of social interaction. It’s called “The Crew” and it’s coming early 2014.

631 Finnally some gameplay! It’s an illegal street racing game, after which you get to do a takedown mission.

633 It’s hard to tell what exactly is going on, but it sure looks fun.

635 They’re chasing someone down.

638 Still talking about The Crew, looks like Ubisoft really wants this game to be huge.

639 Times for Watch_Dogs! Here we go.

640 “Give me four seconds and a clear signal and I’ll be in, and you’ll never know, but hell, I want you to know”. A man is going into a swanky night club, then down into the basement. “I’ve made mistakes, hurt people I love, all because of men like you.”. This looks like Joseph DeMarco, the one who “Died” last year.  Adrian entered the room and took out all of the bad guys with various weapons, then turned on the sprinkler system. Shot his target in the leg and left. Just as the police were about to apprehend him he turned off power to the whole city and then brought proof of DeMarco’s Human Trafficing onto billboards all over the city.

644 Now onto Just Dance 2014. “Brings the party to every console” Featuring Nicki Minaj, One Direction, you know, everyone you love. You can now dance with up to six people. Looks like it’ll be coming to all consoles, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStatipn 4, and Wii U. Jeez.

647 Rabbids Invasion (the TV show) is launching soon, and you’ll be able to play it soon on your own screen.

652 Now onto Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag.

653 A new trailer! Prerendered, unfortunately.

658 Nothing of interest. Ubifost really lost it with this one.

659 I’ll take that back. Time for some ingame footage! This actually looks pretty good. They definitely picked good music.

702 Trials Fusion just announced for the Xbox One. Happy to see it! Trials Fusion will come to all four consoles and Trials Frontier to the mobile devices.

704 Massive Entertainment is bringing a post apocalyptic action RPG MMO  to us. This looks really interesting. Everytjing is fueled by money in this game, money and virus’.

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