Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition Available For Download

Written by James Pope

Paradox Interactive and Kerberos Productions have announces that they are releasing Sword of the Stars II: Enhanced Edition for $19.99 through all major digital distributors. Those who purchase will receive loads of content as all of the previously released DLC as well as the full MMO shooter itself.

The bulk of the new content that players will get when they download comes from the upcoming expansion End of Flesh where a new race is introduced to the battle. The Loa are a shape-shifting artificial intelligence that have the ability to colonize even the most barren and dangerous planets.

Those who already own the game are not being left out of the deal as they will be rewarded for their longstanding support and will get the End of Flesh for free once it is released.

The new Loa race with a new drive for their ships – the Neutrino Pulse Gate

Over 25 new technologies including a new tech tree for cybernetics

10 new weapons and attack systems

Expanded ship building options for all six original factions, including new Leviathan class ships

2 new independent races to seduce or bludgeon into your imperial orbit

New random encounters and mission types

All previously released faction based DLC – the voices, the badges, the avatars, the skins…all of it


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