Sony Issues PS4 Challenge, First To Greatness

Written by Barry Villatoro

Sony has issued the First to Greatness challenge. 64 challenges over the span of their launch titles including, Blacklight: Retribution, Contrast, Knack, Killzone: Shadowfall and many others. Theses challenges are bigger than just trophies, as the shared gameplay of these player accomplishments will be used in a new version of the “Perfect Day” commercial. Players can get the list of challenges from the First to Greatness site. Players must share the footage of themselves completing these challenges, on Facebook.

Even after you’ve taken the spot on the First to Greatness wall after completing a challenge, there’s more. After all 64 challenges have been completed by the Playstation community, the First to Greatness website will unlock a new experience.

Also, after reading through the comments on the Playstation Blog, I noticed some people are confused a little on the challenges unlocking the new experience. There doesn’t have to be one person to unlock them all. This is a community effort. So, it could end up being that 64 people unlock one challenge each and the new experience will present itself.

Lastly, rewards are possible, but not a given. Pulled from the Terms and Conditions section of the First to Greatness website:

At SCEA’s sole discretion, SCEA may, from time to time, provide special bonuses or rewards (“Rewards”) to participants on the Site for any reason and to any number of participants. The receipt of a Reward distributed for a particular purpose does not mean that future Rewards will be available for that same purpose. The receipt of a Reward by one participant for a particular purpose does not mean that any Reward will be granted to another participant for the same purpose.

Good luck!

via Playstation Blog

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