The Saints Save Christmas in New DLC

Written by Chris Lock

Not content with saving (or wrecking) the world, The Saints now have their eyes on Christmas. In this holiday themed DLC The Saints have to rescue Santa from inside the simulation. Why is Santa inside the simulation? Because Saints Row is the best videogame series ever, is why. Holiday themed deviations from the main game are almost always fantastic and there is a scarcity of Christmas themed excursions.

The DLC will cost $6.99 and be released on December 11th. Alongside this release are two contests, Holiday themed as well. One lets you suggest ways to have members of the Volition team “redeem” themselves for all their naughty deeds. They will then “reenact your ideas the way only Volition can” whatever that means. The other contest will actually net you some prizes but will be more embarrassing for you. You must record yourself singing special Saints Row lyrics to Jingle Bells. Dress up like a Saint (so naked with a gun, I guess) to improve your chances of winning.

While I am not going to participate in the contest (Read: I already tried and it was terrible) I will for sure be picking up the DLC. I adore Christmas specials and Saints Row so this will be one special special for me. Season pass holders receive the content for free.


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