Renegade Kid’s Planet Crashers Hits the Nintendo 3DS eShop On Thursday

Written by Adam Shear

The Nintendo 3DS eShop has gotten a lot of interesting games, including a few from the great developers at Renegade Kid who brought us Mutant Mudds and Bomb Monkey.  This week, they are bringing a full fledged RPG to the eShop known as Planet Crashers.

In Planet Crashers, players play as one of brightest new graduates of Planet Crashers Academy who must stop an evil force that is looking to destroy the sun.  The game has a massive world to explore, tons of quests to complete, a turn based battle system that allows players and their weapons to level up, and the ability to fully customize your character.  You can play the game alone or online with friends.  Planet Crashers will release on the eShop this Thursday for the rather high eShop price of $9.99.  I’m guessing the price justifies the large amount of content in the game.  Look forward to more news, including our full review of Planet Crashers very soon.

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