Pre-order Gears of War Judgement at Gamestop for Early Demo Access

Written by Austin Griffith

While the last Gears of War featured a public beta months in advance, Gears of War Judgment does not. Epic Games announced another partnership with GameStop, in which those who pre-order Judgment will not only receive Classic Marcus and a Lambent Lancer Skin, but also three days of early access to Gears of War Judgment’s OverRun mode demo. All XP earned in these three days will also carry over to the full game when it hits store shelves March 19th.

So, let’s break it down, pre-ordering Gears of War: Judgment from GameStop nets you…

  • Classic Marcus Multiplayer Character
  • Lambent Lancer Weapon Skin
  • 3 Days Early Access to Gears of War Judgments Multiplayer Demo
  • and a code to download the original Gears of War on Xbox Live

You can pre-order GameStop at your local GameStop, or right here on GameStop’s Website.

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