Pokemon Trailer Shows off Two Mega Mewtwo Evolutions

Written by Chris Lock

When Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were announced my excitement for the series took a nose dive. It basically boiled down to the devastatingly mundane look of the Legendaries. Seriously? We already have 2 legendary deer, their names are Cobalion and Virizion Did you just forget about them, GameFreak? But I digress, as my love for the game instantly shot up with the reveal of Mega Pokemon. Or rather, that a metric butt-load of Pokemon can achieve the Mega Evolution state.

This trailer pretty much encapsulates my roller coaster feelings on Pokemon X and Y. At first is is trite, who wants to see the second evolution of the starters? Nobody, that is who. Although Frogadire (the water type) looks pretty sweet. The trailer gradually builds though, into something that had my brain yelling at itself in squeamish delight.

“You see that Fire Lion!?”

“You bet your booty I saw that Lion!”

“What about that Tiny Dinosaur!?”

“Aww yeah son!”

*Brain high fives self*

If the lion, cleverly named Pyroar, was not enough to excite you, how about customizable outfits, a poodle Pokemon, and a second Mewtwo Mega Evolution. That’s right, get the item Mewtonite and suddenly Mewtwo can evolve into Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y. The type of Mewtwo you get depends on your game cartage. I am assuming that the different Mewtwos go with their respective X or Y cartridge, but with how crazy this series just became, who knows anything for sure anymore? Did I mention that Mega Mewtwo X is also a Psychic/Fighting type? Did I mention that I am going to build a team of nothing but Mega Mewtwo X? Yeah, I am pumped, what of it?

What do you think? Was there enough in this trailer to swing you on board? What is cooler, Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y? Did you see that Fire Lion?!

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