PayDay: The Heist, Wolfpack DLC Out Now

Written by Barry Villatoro

If you’re a fan of the multiplayer bank heist game, PayDay: The Heist, then you’re in luck. Overkill announced Wolfpack, the first DLC for PayDay: The Heist.

Wolfpack gives you a new class to play as, two brand new heists, more weapons and the DLC only needs the person hosting the game to own. For example, a friend of yours purchases the Wolfpack DLC, you can join them and play. Even if you have not purchased the DLC yourself.

The first of the two new heists is “Undercover,” which take place in a back alley in Washington D.C. Your objective is to make sure police don’t break up a deal going down.

The second is called “Counterfeit.” You’ll be required to take out civilians that have taken notice of your underground money printing operation. Stealth and silencers are required to execute the civilians without tipping them off that you’re on to them.

The newest class is based of the Wolf character and is known as The Technician. A sentry gun and toolkit are at his disposal.


Oh, weapons? You want weapons you say? Well good, because you’ll get a new auto-handgun, assault rifle, grenade launcher and the disposable sentry gun.

All of this is available now on PSN and PC for $9.99

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