Operation Supply Drop Plays Games to Help Veterans

Written by James T. George

There are few groups of people out there that deserve to unwind with some video games more than those who serve. Be it active military personnel or veterans who have come home, these brave men and women are a big part of gamer culture. Those injured in combat are often left in a condition that makes enjoying things like video games a difficult task, while others make it home safe but find their return to civilian life a difficult transition. All veterans deserve to live fulfilling lives once they get back, and groups like Operation Supply Drop have made it their goal to help disabled and struggling veterans continue their love of gaming.


Front Towards Gamer highlights one Veteran who they wish to help through OSD’s annual 8-Bit Salute charity drive. Chris Davis, who served two tours in Afghanistan with the Marines, returned home without injury and tragically fell victim to a gunshot wound to the head during a home invasion. As part of his recovery he has undergone physical therapy for things like lost motor control and speech. While his recovery is progressing quite well, it is clear that playing games will be a difficult task for him for some time. Not only is he unable to play with a traditional control scheme due to his injury, but his recovery has left him financially strapped. He now resides in a veteran’s home and his family hopes to raise some money so he can get him a Nintendo Wii, who’s simplified motion controls may be perfect for him as he regains motor control. You can read a more detailed account of Chris’s story here.

Chris deserves help, and there are many others veterans just as deserving of support. OSD is an outlet that has tried to give that support for some years now through increasingly successful pledge drives. In 2014, they raised $1,337,000 during their 24-hour gaming marathon, and they are planning on breaking that record this year. Some of gaming’s biggest communities join each year to assist, including Twitch, Wargaming, Rooster Teeth, and Astro. It’s easy to join, and it can be tackled as a team or as an individual. While the 24-session is slated for May 16-17, individuals can choose another date if schedules are full. FTG suggest veterans day or Independence Day, which all sound like great times to get a group of friends together and join a good cause.


If you wish to join LevelSave’s group and help out a good cause, click the banner below!


And of course, our sincerest gratitude goes out to all who serve or who have served. Without your sacrifices, none of what we enjoy would be possible.

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