Nintendo announced Charizard, Mega Charizard, and Greninja for Super Smash Brothers Wii U

Written by Chris Lock

Today Nintendo hosted a Nintendo Direct that was all about Super Smash Brothers Wii U and 3DS. Everyone was expecting to see new characters announced but none seemingly were. Then, in typical Nintendo tomfoolery, the screen faded up and hundreds of Pokemon rained from the sky like meteorites. Charizard faced against the sky and was confirmed with a “Charizard Fires It Up!” He ascended to the sky and came crashing down inches from Mario.


During the fight a shadow figure is seen collecting energy. It seems almost as if Mewtwo is going to be confirmed when the energy changes into water. A water shuriken blasts between the Marifoes and Greninja emerges from the shadows.

greninja-makes-a-splashNormally Super Smash Brothers announcements do not excite me, but this is not normal because of the overabundance of Pokemon. Not only does the roster now feature four Pokemon it also has hundreds to pull from as items to fight with in the main game or as enemies in the new “Smash Run” mode.

Smash Run is a mode exclusive to the 3DS in which you are given five minutes to run through a dungeon and upgrade your character. After the time is up you and other players fight it out with your tweaked character. Why this is a 3DS exclusive and not a Wii U one is quite beyond me. Would it not be better for Nintendo to push sales of the Wii U? It is a bonus for me though as I have no intention of moving beyond my 3DS for what some may call a “lesser” experience.

We will be updating this post as any new info is revealed but in the mean time, enjoy the full trailer for Charizard and Greninja as seen in the Nintendo Direct.

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