NBA 2K12 Player Rankings

Written by Vincent Pimentel

The NBA 2K12 season will go on with or without the actual NBA season.

2K Sports usually comprise a list of actual players and rank them according to their offense, defense, skill and basketball IQ (how they handle or pass the ball for example.) It also recongizes certain players domination and superior skill like LeBron James is generally considered the best talented all around player in the league; so the game recongizes this and ranks him amongst the top. So on and so fourth.

The video leak goes through team rosters and individual players on each NBA team and free agency (which means players not signed on to a team.) If you wish to skip the video and know who are the top players, then keep reading!

LeBron James 98
Dwyane Wade 96
Kobe Bryant 94
Dwight Howard 93
Kevin Durant 92
Derrick Rose 92
Carmelo Anthony 91
Deron Williams 90
Amar’e Stoudemire 88
Russell Westbrook 88
Pau Gasol 86
Dirk Nowitzki 85

Read this link or this other link to read more about the ranking and outrage over the facts; Dirk is ranked too low at 85 and Kobe is still ranked (at 94) high despite a decline. Thankfully, you can edit attributes to make your favorite player the way you feel should be ranked. You can bet your sweet ass I plan to make a few edits here and there when I pick up the game. However, you cannot make edits to any player when you play online.

Don’t worry, you can still anticipate an October 4th, 2011 release date for PS3 and 360. The hall of famers Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Micheal Jordan and company will entertain you until the real NBA gets their act together.

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