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More Dust 514 Beta Info, PS Vita App and Playstation Home Space

Written by Barry Villatoro

The first summer beta event for Sony’s Free-to-Play FPS shooter, Dust 514, is happening June 29th. If you’ve already been invited to the closed beta, then you’ll be able to access the game during all of the beta events over the summer. If you have yet to register, go here www.DUST514.com/beta. There will be several rounds of beta invites over the summer, so if you don’t make the cut the first time, don’t worry.

Dust 514 will be taking over Playstation Home as well. A War Barge cantina from the EVE universe has been added to home allowing players to further explore the story, earn companions and even earn armor for Home. A strategic board game for the EVE universe, Slay, is also playable.

Dust 514: Neocom, the companion app for the PS Vita has had more details released about it. Customize communicate and trade for Dust 514 through your Vita. Customize your loadouts, drop suits, weapons, buy items from the market, check your in-game mail and see which of your friends is currently online. All of this can be done when you’re away from your console with the PS Vita. Neocom will launch alongside Dust 514.

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