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Meet the Team Behind Boss Key Productions

boss key productions
Written by Austin Griffith

Cliffy B’s new studio, Boss Key Productions, has just been ousted. While we know the obvious culprit of Cliff himself and most likely his wife, Lauren, being on board the team, we won’t be hearing anything about anyone else who’s working with them for quite some time. We are able to infer quite a bit just by taking a look at Boss Key’s Twitter followers, though.

Starting from oldest to newest, we have Cliff himself, followed by a regular civilian (@PuzzleRPG) and a cosplayer (@yvonnalynn). Yvonna is the first of the bunch to peak our curiosity, as she runs the company Charisma+2, who’s goal is to help gaming companies run their trade show booths – so think Booth Babes. We have our first candidate here, as we’ll most likely be seeing Yvonna and/or her associates doing Bluestreak related cosplays in the near future, possibly in an advertisement. Who knows.

Next up we have Simon Watts. Simon is the Director of Marketing and Communications for Nexon America. Nexon America is an online publishing company best known for publishing the popular game Maple Story. So, from here we can infer that Bluestreak will be a digitally published game, with publishing from the team at Nexon America.

Following up on the list is Lauren, Cliff’s wife, fairly standard here as his wife would certainly know of the project right when everyone else did.

After that we have Ethan Levy, a former design manager and producer over at BioWare who now holds the title of game designer and monetization design consultant. While this next piece may be a bit of a longshot, we may be able to come to the conclusion that Bluestreak will be a free-to-play or relatively inexpensive game that will feature forms of monetization after the initial download.

Moving on, we have Sarah Asby, a relatively new Tweeter who required a bit of digging. Turns our Sarah was the Executive Assistant over at Epic Games during production of Shadow Complex.

We then get to Morgan Webb, who is currently the consultant and creative advisor for Activision Blizzard. Unclear what role she could play, if any, as she hasn’t announced a departure from Activision, but this may just be another close friend of Cliff’s.

Then we have our next name, Chris Myers, a ghost of a person who’s twitter account only exists to follow Boss Key and Bluestreak. We’ll definitely be seeing more from him soon.

Then we have Anthony, a total ghost who appears to be a casual civilian, as well as Ron Maddux, a Biochemist. Moving on.

Ryan Palser is our next candidate, a man who builds props and animates AAA games during his free time. This man has a track record with Epic, so he’s most definitely working with Cliff on Bluestreak to animate and build props for what may be a live action piece.

Jason Adams is the co-founder of Hexanine, a graphic design firm that may have a hand in the various logos and brands that come with creating a whole new company.

Finally, we come to Shane Smith, Shane lives a very private life, and being that he shares a name with a few other people we can’t find much about him. What we do know is that a few employees from Epic Games follow him as well, so we can infer that he’s from Epic and most likely working with Cliff now.

We stop here as we hit “superannuation,” the man who first exposed Boss Key’s twitter and opened it up to followers of all sorts.

Opinions? Ideas? Thoughts? Did we miss something? Let us know in the Comments.

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