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No Man’s Sky Blew My Mind at Sony’s E3 Press Conference

Written by Taryn Beach

There were quite a few gems from tonight’s Sony press conference but one in particular stood out to me above all others.  What looked like a bizarre first person re-imagining of Journey meets ‘wild alien safari’ in the opening of the trailer was soon blowing my mind out of my head.  As the player continued to explore he came across what was obviously a starship and proceeded to get in and then take-off, leaving the alien world behind.  Entering the open abyss of space, the cockpit view is soon consumed by multiple starfighters and capital ships as the player engaged in a dogfight, downing several enemy vessels.

The player later disengages from the fight and heads towards a completely different nearby planet and enters its atmoshpere which blew my mind all over again.  I was seriously losing my shit as the reveal trailer continued to show off what appears to be one of the most ambitious titles I’ve seen in a long while.  Developed by Hello Games, the independent studios massive world and gameplay theme of exploration, discovery, and combat is something only an indie studio would take the risk of developing during the current trend of big budget game development.  According to Hello Games, the world of No Man’s Sky is infinite with every planet, creature, etc., created procedurally.  As players explore the universe created in No Man’s Sky they will actually be showing more of the world to the team that have developed it.  It’s that massive.  Needless to say I cannot wait to see more of this and I am anxious to eventually get my hands on it. I am literally so hyped for this title.

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