Batman Facebook Page Teases “Hush” Game – Is Batman: Hush Rocksteady’s Next Batman?


The pieces are all coming together. Just a few days ago, rumors started swirling that Rocksteady was planning to announce their next Batman game after a GameStop employee alledgely received marketing materials for an unknown Batman game. That is just a small piece of evidence, with nothing being confirmed and most of it being speculation. Yet, the Batman: Hush facebook page may have just given us one of the biggest clues we need to confirm what’s happening.

Batman: Hush is one of the greatest Batman story arcs of all time, focusuing around Bruce Wayne’s good friend Thomas Elliot, a renowned brain surgeon who ends up grafting a perfectly identical face to Bruce Waynes onto his own so that he can ruin the Wayne name. We saw a small side-story of Elliot in Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham City, where he stole Bruce’s face and then fled into the night, ending with our hero telling Oracle he would “deal with him later.”

Now, on the heals of all this speculation, Batman: Hush has given us this: hush

Batman: Hush, a small Facebook page run by WB with under 5k likes, may have just accidentally spilled the beans on Rocksteady’s next Batman game. If this wasn’t evidence enough, back in April of 2011 before Arkham City was even released, WB snatched up the websites for a few Batman: Hush related games, including,,, and

While nothing is going to be for certain until next week, as a long time fan of Batman: Hush, I can’t wait to see this become a reality.


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