Harmonix Announces Rock Band 4 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Written by Austin Griffith

Rhythm fans, rejoice, shake your groove things, and strum it out, because the unspeakable has happened – Harmonix has today announced the return of rhythm games with Rock Band 4. After the death of the music-gaming genre a few years back due to over-saturation from rapid releases of Guitar Hero and Rock Band alike, fans were unsure whether we would ever see the band get back together.

Today is that day.

Fans of Rock Band 4 can look for all new hardware, a new game, and even a custom, Penny Arcade branded, PAX East exclusive, guitar to be releasing later in the year. All of your previously purchased songs will carry over.

[Editors note: Hey guys! Austin here. I’m out in Boston for PAX East right now, so i’ll be bringing you live updates from the show floor.]

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