Halo 5: Guardians Intro Cinematic – Take to the Slopes

Written by James T. George

Late last night Microsoft and 343 Industries released a new trailer for Halo 5: Guardians, which also happens to be the games introductory scene. While it is unrepresentative of game play (partly, anyway), it does feature Spartans doing what they do best: Dominate.

The scene first showcases the mission’s objective: find and safely return Dr. Catherine Halsey, creator of the Spartan II program and overall human scientific asset. For those that remember their history, she essentially defected to Jul Mdama’s Covenant splinter group during Halo 4’s Spartan Ops campaign, but it was more to get her out of some criminal hot water with the UNSC than an actual turncoat move. Whatever the reason, Fireteam Osiris, composed of four Spartan IVs, is sent in to retrieve her on the Forerunner colony planet of Kamchatka.

We finally get a good look at all four members of team Osiris. Lead by Jameson Locke, and supported by new characters Holly Tanaka and Olympia Vale. Rounding out the group is everyone’s favorite ODST-turned-Spartan Edward Buck. Buck, for those who aren’t familiar, is modeled after and voiced by actor Nathon Fillion, famous for his portrayal of Captain Malcom Reynolds in Firefly and writer Richard Castle on Castle.

The sequence showcases all four Spartans destroying anything in their way as they descend down Kamchatka’s “Stormbreak” mountain range. It is over the top, sure, but it’s also quite fun to watch. They are fast, acrobatic, and hyper-lethal, putting down every Covenant and Promethean enemy in their way as they make their way to their objective.

There may be some who question why series protagonist Master Chief is absent from this trailer. While it is a bit curious that so far his place in Halo 5’s story has remained somewhat under wraps, its easy to see that game opens its multi-focused campaign on Locke and Osiris, and puts the video into perspective.

Everyone can experience the journey of Osiris on Octobver 27, 2015, when Halo 5: Guardians launches.

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