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First Look At Magrunner: Dark Pulse

Written by James Pope


Magrunner: Dark Pulse is the latest title from 3AM Games. The title features Dax Ward, who is a trainee in the Magtech training program for space exploration that is run by the Gruckezber Corporation. The program is designed to test the reflexes and brains of its candidates to see who can make the cut. During another routine training session all hell is unleashed as an ancient alien force ascends upon the training facility and upon Dax himself. Dax will have to use the skills and reflexes he has been learning in order to escape and survive long enough to discover the dark truth behind his connection with this evil and the Gruckezber Corporation themselves.

Gameplay elements resemble those in the Portal titles. Unlike those games however, there seems to be a greater emphasis on escapism and combat. As players make their way through this first-person adventure they will encounter massive alien beasts and also challenging puzzles. Calling itself an action/reflex title, Magrunner: Dark Pulse is sure to bring some new and fresh gameplay elements to the first-person party. The first trailer for the game has been released and we have it and some of the early screen shots right here for your viewing pleasure.

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