Finally The Very First Bound By Flame Trailer

Written by James Pope

bound by flame trailer 1Spiders Studio has been on quite the roll with their last two titles, and now it appears we will get to see the culmination of their skills all rolled into one game. The new Bound by Flame trailer is indeed all CG, but seeing the work that has been done in their last two titles I fully expect a few things from this title. I expect that the combat will be fun, fleshed out and challenging. I expect that the story will be something that you do not see with a lot of other indie developers and I also expect that this will be an adventure that we will not soon forget. With each passing title Spiders Studio has grown leaps and bounds. Of Orcs and Men was a challenging title that took a more turn based approach to combat while still giving the player free reign of their characters. Mars: War Logs took this a step further by allowing players to alternate between the real-time combat and a power wheel that allowed for strategic implementation of their skills. Both games told a pretty fantastic story for an indie game and I would expect that to continue with Bound by Flame.

In the Bound by Flame trailer we watch as two hero dispatch a group of undead beasts with moves that show us that the combat style from Mars: War Logs is back and seemingly improved upon. If this is the case then we can expect an extremely deep and complex combat system that will allow us to choose how and when we slay those enemies who dare to challenge us. Stay tuned to Levelsave to see any and everything that is coming for this hotly anticipated title. As news becomes available you will be able to find it right here! You can also check out the brand new Bound by Flame website!

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