Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin Release Date Announced, Trailer Released

Written by James Pope

March 26th, 2013 players will be able to get their hands on the newest expansion for Final Fantasy XI as the hotly anticipated Seekers of Adoulin will be release both on the PC and Xbox 360. Also coming is the Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition will be available and will include the standalone game, all 4 previously released expansion packs, 3 add-on scenarios, and 3 battle area add-ons. The collectors edition will be available for $39.99 as opposed to the Seekers of Adoulin content which will cost $29.99 by itself.

In Seekers of Adoulin players will be thrust into the booming metropolis of Adoulin as they discover the hidden secrets of this mercantile giant and its surrounding jungles. 2 new jobs will be introduced, the Geomancers and Rune Fencers. Both will feature their own handy set of traits and as with all characters will be able to hold their own on the battlefield. Square has release a trailer to go with the announcement of the release date and with 20,000 views already its clear that this expansion is garnering a lot of attention.

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