F’in Saved

F’in Saved 5

Written by Chris Lock

Originally I thought about making this comic end with the Wii U controller. The premise being that none of their controllers, portable or not, had ever featured two analog sticks. Since they pretty much invented (popularized) the analog stick it is strange to think about why they would wait so long to introduce it with the Wii U. That idea really flew out the window when I remembered the “classic controller” for the Wii. So that is a look behind the curtain, like you cared.

Oh and do not even get me started on the Gamecube controller. That second nub is not a analog stick any more than my nipples are.

About the author

Chris Lock

Just a guy that loves games and wants so badly to tell you about them. I have a habit of being a terrible person. Prone to talk about the worst games imaginable. Poke-fan. LBP admirer. RPG lover. Writer. Podcaster. Father. Husband. Student. Tired. @Snickelsox on twitter.


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