Fifteen Years Later, I Finally Beat Banjo-Tooie

Written by Austin Griffith

Nearly fifteen years ago the gaming gods over at Rareware (now known simply as Rare) graced us with a masterpiece of a title: Banjo-Tooie. A sequel to 1998’s Banjo-Kazooie, Tooie took everything up to eleven. Featuring a humongous overworld littered with equally as expansive underworlds, Banjo-Tooie kept gamers playing for hours and hours.

Tooie was also, believe it or not, my first ever console video game. Early on Christmas of 2000 Old Saint Nick blessed me with the great gift of a Nintendo 64 bundled with Banjo-Tooie. I still remember booting up the game and diving in to it that morning. Tooie was a game I came back to many times throughout my life. I had never actually even seen the end of the game until later on in late 2008, when I broke out the old console, dusted off some cheat codes, and cheated my way to a win with a mere 35 Jiggies. You actually need a minimum of 45 to complete the game and beat Grunty.

My Banjo-Fandom continued for years to come, fading and resurging every once in awhile. Yet, it wasn’t until the recent announcement of the Rare Replay that I decided to once again dust off Tooie (this time in the form of the backwards compatible Xbox Live Arcade version) and begin to grind.  I played constantly for a few weeks until I finally had my goal realized. Here, fifteen years later, I had truly slayed the evil with Gruntilda. This was satisfying. This is something you just don’t get anymore – the feeling of satisfaction. The feeling of true accomplishment. A game challenging enough it takes you fifteen years to complete.

Have you experienced anything like this? Dusted off any old titles lately? Let us know in the comments.

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