Europe Gets Arguably The Worst Limited Edition of Gears of War: Judgment

Gears of War Judgment UK Limited Edition
Written by Austin Griffith

Leaked earlier today by GameStop UK, the Gears of War Judgment Kilo Squad edition is arguably the worst limited edition of a Triple A game I’ve ever seen. Claiming to be retailing for 70 Euros (108 USD – the price obviously is incorrect), the Gears of War Judgment Kilo Squad edition features – wait for it – an 18CM Baird NECA action figure and some COG Tags.

Now, I love statues just as much as the next guy, there’s a Marcus Fenix, Max Payne, and Noble Team attesting to this on my desk right now, but how weak is a limited edition that just comes with an action figure? Pretty weak, I’d say. I normally always get the limited editions of games that I love, but this is one edition that I hope stays in the UK.

This weak limited edition, though, is no reason not to be excited for the game to drop on March 19th. Be sure to watch the latest ViDoc, too.

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