Elder Scrolls Online Developers on Crafting in Tamriel

Written by Barry Villatoro

Well, if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’re headed back into Tamriel tonight. Now that everyone should be farther ahead, understand the game a bit more and have a whole weekend to check it out. You should take a couple of minutes to watch the video below. Paul Sage the Creative Director, Nick Konkle the Lead Gameplay Designer and Chris Strasz, Lead User Experience Designer, go over crafting in ESO.

As you level up in ESO you can put points into that crafting ability you use most. When doing so an option for Keen Eye will open, allowing you to put points into this ability. The more you level up Keen Eye in different craft systems, the easier it is for the player to spot crafting materials in the world. You’re not limited to what materials you’re able to collect though. So, if you’re a blacksmith that doesn’t stop you from collecting flowers, leather, etc.

There will be specific crafting locals throughout the world in which the items crafted in these, have the chance to become set pieces. For instance, in the video below, the crafting local the developers enter has the chance to give the Magnus’ Gift set bonus. For more info check out the video below, it’s just about 7 minutes long.

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