Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation with Jared Carr

Written by Barry Villatoro

As ESO approaches, Bethesda has posted on their blog, a video with ESO Art Director, Jared Carr, going over many of the numerous options available to players while creating their ESO characters.

We knew we would have to provide the options players would expect from an Elder Scrolls game.

He then goes into the the many of the body options. You’ll be able to just adjust height, body size, with of shoulders, size of hands and so on. Just from the video, it seems as if you may be hard pressed to find another character that will look similar to yours with so many options available.

I think we really managed to get a quite of a variety in there.

It definitely seems so. Just watching the video gets a little excited since creating numerous characters is something I always do in an MMO. I’ve been unable to get into an MMO since Wrath of the Lich King expansion for WoW and Aion. But, ESO has me hoping I may get pulled into this new world. Check out the video below to watch it for yourself.

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