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EA Shows Star Wars Battlefront

Written by Kenny Rioux

In what was a very impressive trailer, EA has shown in game footage of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront. Just, Just watch the trailer.

This game is being positioned to being a love letter to the Star Wars faithful and with that trailer, it isn’t difficult to see why. EA is currently trying to bring places like Hoth and Endor to life, and the effort shows. The battle of Hoth really gives a sense of scale, especially when walking around a lumbering AT-AT, which was shown in a mode called, “Walker Assault”.  Walker Assault takes 40(!) players and divides them into Rebel and Empire forces. Your objectives could be to wipe out the Rebels and and escort an AT-AT to safety, your job if playing as the Rebels, are to establish uplink stations to call in Y-Wing bombers.

On the maps that support it, there is also a feature called,”Heroes and Villans”. On the maps there is a powerup that allows you to fight as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader or Boba Fett. The models look terrific and there are more characters to be announced later on. Star Wars: Battlefront is scheduled for November 17th, 2015. Look forward to this one.

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