Cross-Controller DLC Coming This Week For Little Big Planet 2

Written by James Pope

One of the coolest functions of the PS Vita is coming to life this week with the release of the Little Big Planet 2 Cross-Controller DLC. Those gamers who own a PS3, PS Vita and a copy of Little Big Planet 2 (Which is still available for free on PlayStation +) will be able to purchase the content for $4.99. Using the cross-control feature Sackboy will team up with a group of space pirates as they rush to some valuable treasure scattered throughout the cosmos. As they progress through the numerous levels the team will encounter obstacles that can only be overcome by using the new Vita specific controls.

Sony couldn’t have asked for a better title to introduce the new control feature with, Little Big Planet is a lovable platformer and already has a built-in fan base. This DLC will certainly have the attention of Sony fans but more-so they will have the eyes of the gaming world on them to see what kind of impact the new handheld console can really have.

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