Choose Your Own Chaos With This Interactive Just Cause 3 Demonstration

Written by James T. George

I’m a pretty big Just Cause fan, and every time another trailer for Just Cause 3 shows up, I only get more excited for the game. Today, The folks over at Square Enix released an interactive demonstration of the game’s freedom of movement, driving, and destruction with a choose-your-own-adventure style YouTube video.

I’ve watched the sequence three times so far choosing different options, and every tool at Rico Rodriguez’s disposal looks more fun than the last.  Square Enix deserves a lot of credit for a very clever use of YouTube to showcase the game’s plethora of options. Should you decide to get the game, you’ll be able to orchestrate your own path of chaos across Medici, the 400 square mile game world.

Just Cause 3 hits consoles and PC on December 1st.

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