Blood Bowl II Mixes Tactics and Sports

Written by James Pope

Blood Bowl II is an interesting mixture. Serving as the “sequel” to the 1987 board game released by Jervis Johnson, this title takes the original premise and is bringing it to PC players in 2014. Blood Bowl is a pseudo football game based in the Warhammer universe. Two teams, one ball and a very simple objective. Get the ball into your opponent’s end zone by any means necessary. The tactics in how players reach the end zone are what make this title interesting. Tactical strategy is the core of the gameplay, but that’s not the only way to get an edge in Blood Bowl II. Players will be able to bribe officials to look away as the maim opposing players, hire illegal wizards to help from the stands and even employ over the top stay players who can change a game all by themselves. The team at Cyanide Studio plans to release a “Standard Edition” of the title which will feature nine playable teams as well as a “Legendary Edition” which will feature 20 teams in all. Blood Bowl II is scheduled for a 2014 release and LevelSave will be keeping an eye on all the details as the become available.



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