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Black Ops 3 DLC & Beta-First On Playstation

Sony E3 2015 marks the worldwide reveal of Call of Duty: Black Op 3’s campaign. Treyarch’s popular iteration to the Call of Duty franchise is being shown off on a Sony stage!

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Call of Duty appearing on the main stage of a Sony Press conference is a first for the franchise, but a pattern when compared to Activision and Sony’s treatment of Destiny and its DLC.


Black Ops 3 multiplayer trailer was also revealed, complete with wall-running, teleporting, and robotic chain-gun arms. Treyarch went on to confirm the rumors that Playstation has gotten a deal with Activision for future DLC exclusivity. All DLC map packs and beta will be coming to Playstation first.

Release date is November 6, 2015. Playstation fans rejoice Call of Duty is now yours.



More details will be introduced as E3 continues here on LevelSave.com

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