007 Legends Announced

Written by James Pope

To celebrate the 50th anniversary on the James Bond series Activision is publishing 007 Legends, a mash up of the most iconic bond movie segments of all time. The story will span 6 of the Bond films most beloved moments concluding with this summers highly anticipated Skyfall and promises to be the most complete and satisfying 007 experience to date. Players will be outfitted with the secret agents most famous gadgets, vehicles and weapons including Bonds signature Walther PPK, and of course no 007 production would be complete without the gorgeous Bond girls.

Legends is not without a variety of modes including the fan favorite Mi6 Ops Missions that debuted in Goldeneye 007: Reloaded, however this time fans of the series will have the ability to replay these mission through the eyes of some of the films villains. Missions will range from all out action, stealth and even gadget based gameplay and will have a competitive leaderboard to track your progress vs the worlds deadliest spies online.

Multi-Player will feature the classic 4 player split screen local play that thrust Bond into the hearts of gamers when it debuted on the Nintendo 64, also online competitive play will star both Bond and some of the most ruthless villains the series has ever seen. More Gadgets, weapons and stealth based tactics will allow players to truly feel like they are in the shoes of MI6s top agent.

Stay tuned for more information as 007 Legends is Planned for launch in Fall 2012 on the Xbox 360 and Playstaion 3.



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