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Watch_Dogs’ New Trailer Shows Adrian Pierce Knows Where You Are

Written by Austin Griffith

“Give me four seconds and a clear signal and I’ll be in, and you’ll never know, but hell, I want you to know”. A man is going into a swanky night club, then down into the basement. “I’ve made mistakes, hurt people I love, all because of men like you.”. This looks like Joseph DeMarco, the one who “Died” last year.  Adrian entered the room and took out all of the bad guys with various weapons, then turned on the sprinkler system. Shot his target in the leg and left. Just as the police were about to apprehend him he turned off power to the whole city and then brought proof of DeMarco’s Human Trafficing onto billboards all over the city.

The fact that we’ll be able to do (hopefully) all of this when the game releases,  this sounds great. I’m very excited to see what Watch_Dogs comes out to be.

(trailer soon)

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