The Sims 3 Goes Supernatural

Written by James Pope

EA is taking us to the mysterious town of Moonlight Falls in their latest DLC titles Supernatural. Expect then unexpected as you embark upon a town filled with the very things that haunt your nightmares. Players will have the ability to create werewolves, witches, fairies, vampires and more while also giving players more traits, abilities and interactions. Some of the new abilities include delayed aging for fairies, innate magic channeling for witches and the ability for werewolves to transform as they please.

Players will also have access to magical crafts and alchemy giving them almost cheat like abilities such as career boosts and weight loss and even elixirs that will give sims the power to turn anyone they please into a mindless brain-eating zombie. These mixtures can also be shared with any of their friends who play The Sims 3.

Players who pre-order the Supernatural DLC pack will receive a limited edition version which include the Plants vs. Zombies content pack. This exclusive pre-order pack will be able to dress their Sim in a classic zombie outfit and add a special plant to their garden to keep unwanted visitors away.

Look for The Sims 3: Supernatural this September.

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