SuperDAE to Release 2TB Insurance Torrent After $2500 of Donations

Written by Austin Griffith

SuperDAE, the biggest hacker in the gaming industry right now has just updated his website. Along with a tweet saying “Let’s speed things up a bit”, the site now has a counter on it.

Amount till key released: $ 33.16/ 2500

Along with this is SuperDAE’s payment information. It appears that this man is asking for $2500 to be given to him, at which point he will release the key to his encrypted file to us, revealing some of the biggest secrets in gaming as well as presumably changing the industry in an unheard of manner.

While of course there isn’t any way to verify that DAE is going to release the key once he gets the $2500 he’s looking for, it seems likely that he isn’t bluffing. It’s also unclear why DAE would be doing such a thing: Microsoft has been hitting his website with takedown requests constantly, according to his twitter. I’ve reached out for clarification on that matter and will update when I hear back.


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