GT6 Demo Gives Players A Chance To Qualify for Nissan GT Academy 2013

Written by Branden Wilson

GT6 Demo

Never before has a demo provided players with a real chance to realize their wildest dreams. In the GT6 Demo this is exactly what everyone will have a chance to do. Starting today (7/2/13) at 5 pm  The 2013 GT Academy competition begins offering 31 spots to the top qualifiers to participate in the National Final events. Armen Aghakhan, who won his spot during E3 will join those who qualify in the demo as they compete both in-game and on the track for a chance to move on to the Race Camp at Silverstone where the last one standing will have be able to join the elite racing team with Nissan’s Nismo Athletes.

The competition will be open until July 28th at 3:59 PST,  at which time all qualifying scores will be final. While only 31 people will move on to the next stage of competition, anyone who enters a qualifying score will receive free bonus content that has yet to be announced. The demo will include three modes at the new Silverstone track. These modes include a quick tutorial with imperitive tips and tricks on the controls and navigation of the track, Four warm-up races with real Nissan cars, the LEAF and 370Z, and Five time trials on the Silverstone track driving the Nissan 370Z, four on various sections of the track, and one full lap. The full lap will be the entry time for GT Academy. Players will be able to submit as many entries as they desire up until the competition ends.

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