Stop the Nonsense: It’s An Xbox One, Not an Xbone

Written by Austin Griffith

Note: This is an article I originally wrote the day after E3 three months ago. I’ve decided to put it back up in light of Major Nelson’s recent comment on NeoGAF, where he states “I don’t like it…it disrespects the teams that have put in thousands of hours (already) into the development of the product. Sure, it’s cheeky but I don’t care for it myself.” after being asked about his opinion on the name. I feel my two-cents well support him.

I’ve had enough of the malarkey guys, for months now, people have been referring to the Xbox One by the popular nickname “Xbone”. This is ridiculous. It’s not an X-Bone, we’re not pirates here! It’s the Xbox One. Writing Xbone only saves you two characters. Is it really that hard to put another O and another X to make it Xbox One? No. I don’t think so.

What it really is guys is the Xbox One, or the XBO for short. It’s not the X1, that’s Turtle Beach’s original wired Xbox 360 headset.

Just try google searching it! Typing in XBO brings up “Did you mean Xbox?”, along with news related to the Xbox, searching “Xbone” brings up a few Urban Dictionary links and a similar thread from the forums over at GiantBomb. Good job GiantBomb.

Seriously guys, gals, internet denizens, let’s end this once and for all; Let’s stop calling it the Xbone and get back to calling it the Xbox One.

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