Sonic CD: A Refresher Before Sonic 4 (Episode 2)

Written by Vincent Pimentel

A port of the 1993 game will be released December 20th on PSN and Live right in time for the holidays. It is also available on IOS and other mobile devices. This intended to be the sequel to the Genesis hit “Sonic the Hedgehog” but it became heavier with exploring, platforming and time traveling. It was too different of a pace from what made the original successful, so Sega decided to make the Sonic we love and know in “Sonic The Hedgehog 2”.

The first level

Sonic CD took on its own story of time traveling between worlds to stop Dr. Eggman from enslaving the Little Planet and save Amy Rose who was kidnapped by Metal Sonic. You can have both Japanese and American soundtracks as a bonus. If you were like me, who did not play Sonic CD and wishes to discover what is it all about; then spend a measly five bucks to get your self acquainted with it. Or if you already beat the game and want to get easy trophies/achievements, then please do so. Check out the Sega Blog for more updates This is meant to tie in to the 2012 release of Sonic The Hegdehog 4: Episode 2.

Are you ready for another go-around with Sonic?

Sonic 4: Episode 1 took place directly after Sonic and Knuckles and stuck to the roots of 2-d plane, no cut scenes and no dialogue like the classics. It does feature Sonic’s homing attack (which implies the first time he uses this attack before Sonic Adventure) Episode 2 takes place directly after Sonic CD and supposedly should be leading into the Adventure time. There is a hint thrown about the release of this game in Sonic Stadium.

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