MLB 12: The Show – Yo Adrian! Gonzalez Graces the Cover

Written by Vincent Pimentel

Hello, sport fans! I am a huge sports guy: baseball, basketball and football (in that order.) I am a New York Yankees fan and it kills me that I have to see a Red Sox player ‘grace’ the cover of one of my favorite baseball video games in 2012. First baseman slugger Adrian Gonzalez, who was traded from San Diego Padres in exchange for Boston prospects last year, hit .338 with 27 homeruns and 117 runs batted in. He is the third Boston player to be featured on the cover, David Ortiz (2006) and Dustin Pedroia (2009) were also picked. I personally wish this could stop in future releases.

Every year MLB has a free agency period between November to February. In between that time, players are moved or elect free agency to sign with any team they choose. Major players like Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes went to new teams and The Show likes to show the quality of their graphics by releasing screenshots!

Albert Pujols is 'California Dreaming'!

Mark Buehrle: 'I'm Miami, trick'!!

You will see Jose Bautista doing that a lot in the Show... at least 40 times.

It will incorporate 3-d display and all aspects of the PS3 game in your hands with the Vita. This game features a robust franchise mode allowing you to take over a real baseball team’s stadium, roster, finances or completely draft your own fantasy team with players from any other team. It also has the “Road to the Show” where you create your own player and run through minors into the majors trying to get a starting gig and getting paid well doing so. You earn experience points to increase all aspects of your game; offense and defensive mechanical skills. If you just want to pick up the controller and play a quick game, you can do that too– offline AND online! You can play a quick game or play a league with your friends over the PS Network.

The Show will be releasing on Playstation 3 and Vita on March 6th, 2012. Go to The Show Nation for more details.

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