PSA: Guacamelee is Super Cheap on PSN

Written by Chris Lock

So you heard a lot about this Guacamelee game, but you just could not will yourself to buy it at the paltry $15. Well, frugal consumer, now is the time to pony up some cash and get one of the best Vita (and PS3 I guess) games available. Starting August 20th Guacamelee will be $10.99 on the Playstation Network, and only $7.50 for Playstation Plus members. Also going on sale is Tales from Space Space: About a Blob and Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack which are both $3.99 for anyone and $2.00 for Playstation Plus subscribers. I have not played About a Blob but I can attest to what an enjoyable game Mutant Blobs Attack is. If you are craving some Vita fun, both Mutant Blobs Attack and Guacamelee will easily satiate your desire.

Here is an excerpt from our Guacamelee Review

One thing that Guacamelee has over Metroid is the blended combat and traversal. Almost every new move you get not only allows you to reach that extra high ledge, but will also smack your enemies around something awful. You might be able to rely on your basic combos for a while, but the enemies eventually possess shields that can only be broken with specific special moves. Being forced to use your special moves constantly allows you to become intimately familiar with their exact reach and power; you are never left wondering “can I reach that” or “how do I kill that?”

So what are you waiting for? Go buy Guacamelee and start kicking some trans-dimensional undead skeleton hordes.

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