PS Vita Price Drop – Why It Matters

Written by Matt Curione

At Gamescom yesterday, Sony officially announced a much needed price drop for their struggling handheld, PS Vita. Dropping from the launch price of $249, the Vita will now be available at all retailers for $199. Fifty dollars is a decent drop in and of itself, but Sony went one further and have also discounted to price of Vita’s proprietary memory cards, which consumers, myself included, have always found too expensive.


 This price drop couldn’t have come at a better time for Sony with the Playstation 4 being released on November 15th, and the Vita being touted as the PS4’s second screen. Sony has said that Vita connectivity is a huge part of the PS4 experience and lowering the price and getting it into the hands of more gamers is key to getting their point across.

The Vita is an extremely powerful and versatile system and the fact that Sony seems to be making another push with their new pricing is a good sign for the future. Personally, I love my Vita and would love it if more people had them and the new price seems to be a step towards that becoming a reality.


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Matt Curione

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