Bound By Flame Unveiled

Written by James Pope

Bound_By_FlameSpider Studio and Focus Home Interactive have shown off the first screenshot for their upcoming title Bound By Flame, and while it is only a screenshot, it has me quite excited. Bound By Flame is an action/role-playing game starring a mercenary who has been possessed by a Flame Demon. Players will begin by customizing their characters gender and appearance before diving head first into this deep enthralling world. Fighting a battle of morality, our hero must decide whether he or she will give in to the powers of the demon they are possessed by or if they will shun the evil influence and develop heroic traits.

It is these choices that will shape not only the appearance our our character but also the way the world of Bound By Flame grows around us. If players have chosen to give into the demon they will have different story branches than those who have chosen to fight the good fight. Not only will these choices shape our main character and their appearance. It will also play a large role in the relationships we forge with the multiple companions that we will partner with on our journey. Bound By Flame will feature more than just story and combat. A full crafting system will allow us to create and improve our own weapons and armor to outfit ourselves against the larger than life enemies we will face. The first screenshot shows us just what we can expect out of the foes we will encounter. The beast pictured is known as the Swamp Beast. Other monsters that we can expect to encounter will include Shadow Dragons, Liches, Undead, Ice Creatures and more. Bound By Flame is set to be released at the end of this year for PC, PS3 and 360 and all of the news will be available right here on LevelSave.

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