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In the years past, we’ve humbly served you reviews on the commonplace 1-10 twenty point scale that most game enthuists like yourself hold dear. You’ve seen tens, you’ve seen twos, and everything in between. Yet, there comes a time when even the most antiquated system become just that – antiquated. Yes, dear reader, you read that right. The 1-10 scale that we use here at LevelSave has become far too old for our standards. Too bulky. Too subjective. Not good enough for us. Not good enough for you. In the months past, we’ve had our top scientists working overtime, on just how we can fix this problem, and after much deliberation, a new review system has, much like Charlie and Uncle Ben after drinking fizzy lifting drink, risen to the top.

You see, the old 1-10 system is very subjective. To some gamers, a five out of ten may be average, while to others, a five is a giant steaming pile of plastic turd that no gamer should subject themselves to. Some may think a nine is near perfection, and others it may just be pretty decent. When you talk to your friend down the street, you don’t tell him “I’d give the new Call of Duty a five out of ten on the twenty point scale” you tell him “Go buy this game now!” or “I’d wait a little bit to pick it up”…

Introducing LevelSave’s new scoring system: Recommendations.

The new review system consists of four categories, which we’ve outlined in detail below:

Must Play: A game that receives a “Must Play” rating may not necessarily be perfection – no game truly is – but it is something that the editor believes must be played by you. They will not hesitate to tell you to right that instant.

Recommended:  Recommended games are not held in the same esteem as those of a Must Play. A game that receives a “Recommended” is one that you certainly will enjoy playing, and our editor recommends that you do, but it may have a few problems that stop it from being the type of game you have to have right that instant.

Play with Caution: A game given the “Play with Caution” rating is one that may have several severe problems. While the game may be very fun and worth checking out, it is far from perfect and might not be right for you. These games can be enjoyable, but have some issues holding them back.

Do Not Play: A game given a “Do Not Play” is one that you by no means want to pay money for. It lacks enjoyment in all aspects, is severely broken, does not function properly, or is simply straight up jank.

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