The $150 Pokemon Machine

Written by Chris Lock

When the 2DS was announced many thought it was a sad joke. I saw at as an opportunity to play Pokemon for less than $200. Apparently Nintendo thinks the same thing because new Pokemon X and Y 2DS bundles are coming to the U.S. Starting tomorrow (December 6th) you will be able to purchase a 2DS preloaded with Pokemon X or Y for $150. It is only a total savings of $20 but that is better than no savings at all. The systems will differ depending on which store you buy them from. The Red Pokemon X bundle will be available at Target while the Blue Pokemon Y bundle will be available at Toys R Us stores.

Pokemon X is defiantly a heavy game of the year contender for me. Having spent nearly 150 hours in it I would highly suggest picking it up if you have not already.

Source – [SiliconEra]

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