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Hellraid Trailer Gives Us A Glimpse Into A Brand New World

Written by James Pope

Techland has released the very first Hellraid Trailer and we have it right here for your viewing pleasure. Hellraid is a first person adventure/hack n slash title being developed for PC, PS3 and 360. Players can fly the solo/coop campaign as well as partake in the multiplayer which is being dubbed Coopetition. Randomly generated content is being promised by the team which would allow for infinite hours of replay value. The Hellraid Trailer very much makes the game look to be a clone to the Elder Scrolls or Dead Island franchises. Hopefully the team will be able to put their own twist on a corner of the market which already has some pretty fierce competition. Currently there are very few details on the title. For now let’s soak up the goodness that the Hellraid trailer has to offer.

Visit the Hellraid homepage!

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  • You are right: it looks like a elder scrolls clone.. Not necessarily a bad thing as the elder scrolls is quite arguably my favorite game series of all time. Big shoes to fill though, as the genre will never be the same after skyrim. Not much to go on in the trailer. No protagonist, plot, or point so far, yet at face value it looks like it has some serious potential. Look forward to your opinion on the actual game/story once more info becomes avail..

  • This looks like Painkiller, only way more awesome. Hopefully it at least has some kind of tenuous plot to hold the action together though!

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