Has 4chan Cracked SuperDAE’s Insurance Torrent? [Update: Nope]

Written by Austin Griffith

It looks like the anonymous men and woman over at 4Chans /v/ video gaming board are claiming to have found the key to SuperDAE’s Insurance Torrent.

According to their brilliant minds, the password for DAE’s encrypted 1.8 terabyte file is “y8e4a4r@w9o0o#dtrance”, and while no one currently has the file to try it out since it went down shortly after going live, we have no way of independently confirming it.

If this is infact true, then the gaming industry will certainly be in for a world of pain once this file gets out into public hands.

I’ve reached out to DAE for clarification and will update when I hear back from him.


I asked DAE if this is the key, he got back to me with

“Maybe, but last time I checked the key was like, 10fold in size.”

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