GameInformer Outs Next Gears of War Game

Written by Austin Griffith

The latest cover of GameInformer has just been put online and appears to show Marcus in handcuffs being escorted into “The Slab” prison where he was put after abandoning his post during the Pendulum Wars. This comes after months of rumors that point this title to being developed by Epic-owned Swedish Developer People Can Fly as well as having some sort of Kinect Integration.

We’ll be sure to update when the magazine hits mailboxes, and be looking to the LevelSave twitter for live updates from E3 where we will most likely see an official announcement, so keep in mind that this is all speculation and we only know for sure there is in fact another Gears coming.

Source – Gameinformer.com

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  • Epic has maintained that Gears 3 is the end of the trilogy, so what would a Gears of War 4 focus on? Speaking to RipTen, the always-quotable Bleszinski said “Well, there’s always the Peter Jackson route, right? Do The Hobbit or something like that. I mean, we’re business people. Gears 1 and 2 sold about 6 million copies, so if this game comes out and, God willing, sells 8 or 10 million it would be completely dumb to not do another one, right? It’s just business 101. So, I mean, the key is figuring out what’s appropriate. What makes sense for this connected world that we’re moving into? So, that remains to be seen. That’s the million dollar question…”

    Sounds like the would, the hobbit movie comes after LOTR series, yet the story takes place prior to LOTR. This hint tells me this will take place prior to games 1-3. We’ll find out Monday

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